Peak Human

     Brian Sanders created the “Peak Human” podcast to investigate what the optimum human diet looks like, and his podcast explores the science and history of human nutrition. Each episode features a guest (i.e. doctors, farmers, filmmakers, athletes, researchers) who shares their expertise, health stories, and lifestyle choices. Sanders does not shy from controversy, for he often challenges his guests and maintains a mostly unbiased point of view.  His mission is to promote what he calls the “Sapien framework,” and he encourages people to eat nutrient-dense foods. 

    “Peak Human” is an excellent resource for learning about nutrition, and it covers a variety of topics such as sustainable farming, chronic disease, ancestral diets, exclusion diets, and athletic performance. Sanders does not promote or align himself with a specific way of eating (like the vegan, carnivore, or keto diet). He avoids a dogmatic food approach and evaluates these diets’ strengths and weaknesses. His message is clear: eat full-fat, low-carb, whole foods that are satiating and energizing. 

    Because he interviews such a wide variety of people, you will hear numerous perspectives about nutrition. Tune into this podcast each week to challenge your beliefs and learn something new.  

     Nicole Hatfield 

    Peak Human

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