Awake in the Dream

     Do you ever feel disconnected from nature and your true spirit? Awake in the Dream explores how we can transform or re-awaken our lives and learn to honor the divine spark within each of us. This 2013 documentary provides its audience with an enlightening and meditative viewing experience. 

    As babies, we are all brought into this life connected to nature and Mother Earth, but as we grow up and experience suffering and stress, our connection with nature weakens. Awake in the Dream emphasizes the power of positive thinking and gratitude. At the root of all human suffering is our identification with the body and the mind. Our egotistic obsession with our body and mind inhibits us from living in peace. Our bodies and subconscious minds are often overwhelmed with desires, judgments, and fears. Once we learn how to quiet our minds and still our bodies, we can appreciate the miracle of life. 

    Through the Food Initiative, we try to follow sustainable lifestyle practices to nourish both our minds and bodies. In caring for the earth, we also care for ourselves and create a world where future generations can experience nature’s healing ability. 

    Nicole Hatfield 

    Awake in the Dream

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