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We want our students to be academically prepared and employable once they graduate from Washington College. From learning beyond the classroom to incredible internships and career development, find out for yourself why Washington College graduates are Happy at Work.



Looking back on my WC experience, I realized how well my professors set me up for the working world. The hard skills they taught me like laboratory and writing techniques helped me do well in the aspects of the job I was familiar with.

– Lauren Bacharach ’16 

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I didn’t realize how important GIS could be in terms of whatever you are doing. It has so many places it can be utilized. Definitely it’s a skill that after I graduate I can put it on a résumé and talk about in depth to help me get a job.

- Jeffrey Sherwood ’16 

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I am so happy that I stayed at Washington College because I don’t know where I would be otherwise. The drive that teachers have for their students to succeed is really amazing. They care, very much.

– Mariah Perkins ’13 

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