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Legacy of Happiness

Legacy of Happiness


It was when you held a hummingbird in your hand for the first time at Foreman’s Branch and knew this moment would change your life. Or during the bonfires on campus when you made some of the best friends ever. For many of our students, Washington College represents a place where they experienced that WAC Moment – when an important relationship took place and their voice and view of the world was discovered.

At Washington College, our students are free to be who they are. Read about these WAC Moments and SHARE your Legacy of Happiness at Washington College with current students, faculty, staff and alumni. Once posted, share your #LegacyOfHappiness #WACmoment #WACsmiles on social media.

For more than 235 years, our students have been smiling for all the right reasons. Here are some shared smiles:

“I experienced people and relationships. I’ve met so many people and made so many friends, student and faculty alike, that it’s absolutely amazing. My support system has grown tremendously, and I have made a small handful of best friends whom I love and can count on to help me in need.”

– Heber Guerra-Recinos ’20

“It’s nice to be a face and a name on campus and not just a number. Everyone on this campus is so helpful and polite, it just feels like home.”

– Justin Yerkie ’19

“From my classes and professors to my study-abroad opportunities and the friends I made, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

– Jamie Frees ’12

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