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Washington College is all about the student experience. Their happiness reflects our student-centric focus, which is the cornerstone of who we are and the positive impact we have on a student’s personal and professional life.

-Kurt Landgraf, President of Washington College



So what makes our students so Happy? 

The WAC Way

Every other school tried to make me choose between theatre and rowing, social life or study, happiness or grades, but Washington College didn’t give me any ultimatums. Whatever made me happy was what I was allowed to do.” – Erin Coffman ’17

Our Campus Life

I chose to attend Washington College because it felt like home the first time I visited campus. Everyone was so kind and welcomed me with open arms… We are more than just friends. We are a family.” – Despina Thomas ’20

Our Community

I think what is most unique about Washington College is the close-knit community of students. Everyone comes out to support each other at events, whether it be sports games, concerts, or performances. There is such a strong feeling of encouragement and support from both students and faculty alike.” – Emily Kreider ’20

Our People

The support system, from both other students and from faculty and staff, is unmatched to anything I’ve ever seen anywhere else.” – Caroline Cox ’19

Our Programs

Because of Washington College, I took on a White House internship, studied abroad in Hong Kong, double-majored in business management and economics, and met incredible people while doing all of it. The mentors, advisers, and friends I made through Washington College (many of whom I am still close with today) were instrumental in shaping my post-undergraduate career and life choices.” – Danielle Ford ’09

Our Town

The proximity to historic Chestertown creates the sense of place the campus reflects… I was struck by the sense of happiness in the students and the sense of belonging to a special place.” – Bill Kirwan, Parent

Our Results

 “I am immensely grateful for the time and opportunities that staff gave me. I left Washington College a very different person than I was when I arrived.” - Anonymous WAC Graduate(1)

  • Happy at Work: 90 percent of WAC graduates are employed full-time or part-time and 71 percent are working in a field related to their major.(2)
  • Grad School Prep: 93 percent of our students said that after attending WAC, their preparation for graduate school was “good” or “excellent” (2)


    1. Established Alumni Survey Analysis, Hanover Research (4/2017)

    2. MHEC Alumni Survey of 2016 Graduates (8/2017)

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