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Hands On Learning

Hands On Learning

The most powerful part of a liberal arts education is found in a single, unfettered conversation between a teacher and a student. At Washington College, we often speak of “unhurried conversations” and how important they are to the distinctive character of our campus and the education we offer. Learn more at #unhurried.

From studying on the Chesapeake Bay to interning at The White House, there’s something for everyone at Washington College. An education at Washington College affords students unmatched opportunities to work closely with an exceptional faculty on unique projects. These experiences and internships offer students opportunities to explore their interests beyond the traditional classroom environment. Connections forged between students and faculty in the classroom have led to lifelong learning and friendly relationships to last a lifetime.



 “This happens in the classroom, as well — as a teacher, I help my students bear witness to the power of the word, its ability to convey knowledge, and its power to help change the world.” – Dr James Allen Hall, Faculty

  “Relationships with the outstanding faculty helped me tie the knowledge and experiences together. This has helped me become a more well-rounded professional…” – Ryan Bankert ’13

  “They have so much amazing advice and knowledge to bestow. I still keep in touch with some of my professors, and they have been amazing sources of support in my career.”

– Elyse McGlumphy ’09

  “Every professor at Washington College made such an effort to bring joy into the classroom.” – Rebecca Sussman ’13

 “It is such a privilege to become part of these students’ lives.”

– Anne Marteel Parrish, Faculty

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