Coronavirus Update: Washington College responds to coronavirus outbreak. More Info

Welcome, Washington College Family, and thank you for your support of Shore Strong. We have an update for those of you who were directed here for the Shore Strong Athletics challenge: 

Many of you know Shore Strong to be our rallying cry on behalf of Washington College Athletics. While we are responsible for fulfilling our promise to our student-athletes, we also now are called to a broader response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as our nation is responding, the Washington College community is working day and night to keep our students, families, and communities safe. Accordingly, we have expanded the scope of Shore Strong, as we must do more and look to our broader community for help. The needs we face are significant, from the urgent – taking care of our students, faculty, and staff most significantly affected by this pandemic – to the important funding of all we care deeply about: athletics, theatre, the Lit House, scholarships, and so much more that defines Washington College. We are asking our entire community to show your #wcshorestrong support through gifts and actions, and to take this moment to let us know that you believe in the future of our College. We thank you from our hearts.