Where Did the River Take You?

Chestertown waterfront

We all have the Chester River in common, and you no doubt have your own related memories and connections. Just as the river moves us along, the times we share at Washington College give us experiences – lessons, traditions, and people we’ll always remember – that carry us to new places. Take a moment to read these brief musings from faculty, students, and fellow alumni. Share your own river story. Then keep the current moving with a gift for the students in your wake.  



  • Chesapeake Semester 2013. Photo courtesy of Brian Palmer.  June 6
    “Having realized that all life is connected through both water and light, I felt compelled to pursue a career where I could help others see the light reflected in their own rivers.”
  • The Callinectes June 4
    “The croaker [are] iridescent, purply-black, vanilla-white across the belly. There is something about it if you’ve never been fishing, the beauty of the fish.”
  • Lelia Hynson Pavilion May 23
    “Many evenings, I would walk down to the river to watch the same chugging work boats Byron wrote about…and write…in the waterfront pavilion.”
  • Chester River Bridge May 16
    “My favorite memories are coming home to the rainbows, which always make me think of hope.”
  • Sitting on the dock June 6
    “We hear Lucy the Goose honk and wait for the ducks to come along. Smiling, we contemplate ordering cream of crab soup. No cell phones, yet we connect in all ways that matter.”
  • Chester River walkway May 23
    “The Chester River is always there, yet I feel no urgency to explore its architecture. I no longer need to own a boat or study a chart to enjoy a river.”
  • Waterfowl on the Chester River May 16
    “We had the chance to see the changing leaves with a unique perspective from the water and a renewed appreciation for everything.”
  • Hodson Boathouse at sunset May 16
    “I enjoy the beauty behind it, from being able to take walks near the boathouse to just enjoying beautiful spring days.”