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The following links contain helpful resources on proposal writing:

United Way of Central New Mexico — Grant Writing Toolkit (Program Plan)

United Way of Central New Mexico — Grantwriting Toolkit (The Needs Statement)

United Way of Central New Mexico — Grantwriting Toolkit (Researching Grantmakers)

Your First Step — Understanding the RFP

11 Questions You Must Ask Before You Write

The Foundation Center’s Short Course On Proposal Writing

10 Common Elements of Winning Proposals

The Abstract [AKA Executive Summary]:  A First Impression that Seals Your Fate

5 Common Grant Writing Mistakes

Are You Writing for the Wrong Donors?

NSF Q&A Document

Proposal Writing Tips from the National Science Foundation

The Most Important Part of Your NSF Proposal:  The Summary Page

Grant Writing Tip Sheets from the National Institutes of Health 

Grant Writing Tutorial from the Environmental Protection Agency 

The Art of Writing Proposals from the Social Science Research Council

Writing for Community Success in 4 Easy Steps (by Dalya F. Massachi, M.A.)                                       

Logic Model and Evaluation Tools 

Logic Model Development Guide 

Sample Logic Model 1

Your Most Helpful Tool:  The Logic Model

Sample Logic Model 2

Project/Program Evaluation — Measuring Success


Sample Grant Application

This successful application submitted by Dr. Anne Marteel-Parrish and two colleagues resulted in funding for advanced scientific equipment:

The Grants Office can provide, upon request, additional samples of successful grant applications to other government agencies (i.e., NEA, EPA, USDA, IMLS, NFWF) and/or private foundations.


Valerie Stewart, Grant Writer
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