Giving Priorities


Through The Washington Fund, alumni, parents and friends support the scholarships that make a first-class liberal arts education available to the next generation of WC students. Washington College is committed to providing scholarships to deserving students. That’s why 88% of the student body receives financial aid.

Student Experience


 From the first-year program, to co-curricular clubs, to study abroad experiences, a Washington College education goes far beyond the classroom. For students like Alex Foxwell ’16, that meant a summer fellowship in Paris promoting intercultural dialogue on the history of slavery; while for Val Dunn, that’s meant writing and directing a wild adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. These transformational opportunities for exploration and growth form the heart of the WC experience.



 Our campus tells the story of Washington College. It’s sledding in front of the Hill Dorms and a cookout beside Athey Baseball Stadium; it’s the cupola atop William Smith Hall and the re-dedicated Miller Library; it’s exploring an exhibit in the Kohl Gallery and the sound of the McLain Victory Bell after a varsity win.


Our alumni remember their professors because they’ve had the chance to work closely with them. Maybe it’s serving  as dramaturg for a production of King Lear that brings together the English and Drama Departments, or travelling to Kiplin Hall with the Gillins, or even throwing atlatls on the green with Dr. Schindler. The Washington Fund nurtures collaborations between students and faculty, sustains the academic departments, and invests in faculty development.


Athletics contributes to our College through achievements in the classroom and in competition.  It increases Washington College’s national and regional visibility, promotes school pride, enhances campus life, and engages alumni, parents, and friends. Athletics goes far beyond Varsity sports, with over 60% of the student body involved in a Varsity, club or intramural sport, and even more use the newly renovated JFC.