Dramalumni Honorary Producer

Do you remember the first time you stepped on to the stage at Washington College? Do you remember the last? That lightning-white moment as your eyes adjusted and you found your audience, your castmates, your mark, as the world waited breathlessly for you to begin? Or perhaps you were an audience member, anxious for what might emerge from the darkness? 

Join our graduating seniors on their journey toward that final bow by becoming an Honorary Producer.

As an Honorary Producer each of us can make the most direct contribution to the ongoing success of the senior capstone directing tradition. By providing support to the soon-to-be newest members of our Dramalumni community, we can enjoy the thrilling moments of seeing an artist come into their own, only this time we will be one of the many mentors they meet along the way.

Each show will have a $350 target which can be funded all or in part by the show’s Honorary Producer. This funding will offset a budget for the senior thesis production including costumes, set pieces, sound effects and rehearsal costs. This budget allows artistic freedom for the senior to bring their vision to life onstage, while encouraging creativity and innovation. As an Honorary Producer you will also become a part of the world of the show via the following invitations and acknowledgments:

  • An invitation to the first table reading of the production
  • Listing on the poster and in the show program
  • An invitation to give the curtain speech on the night of your choice
  • Two reserved tickets for the night of your choice
  • An invitation to join the director and cast for a post-show reception on opening night to discuss the show and their experiences during the process

Our Honorary Producer program was founded by recent Washington College First Lady Elisabeth Reiss and Drama Department Chair Dr. Michele Volansky. Mrs. Reiss worked as a professional actor in London prior to joining us at Washington College with her husband former President Mitchell Reiss, and Dr. Volansky is an alumna and dedicated advocate of student-alumni engagement.

To join the ranks of the WC Drama Honorary Producers today, please visit  In the Contribution section of the form, enter your gift amount and then the corresponding production hashtag in the “Program or Department” field.

To help us spread the word, please tweet, Facebook, and Instagram your excitement with #iheartWCDrama. Once you have become an Honorary Producer, don’t forget to add the name of the show you are producing and to come see the show! See the sidebar for each show’s tag and thank you for passing on the support that helped make you the artist you are today.

For more information about the Honorary Producer program, please contact .  For questions about helping to spread the word, please contact the Honorary Producer Dramalumni Marketing Representative .