Go Ahead. Invest in Some Good Karma.

Who Is Hamilton Pig?

 Named for Alexander Hamilton (the first Secretary of the Treasury, a loyal supporter of George Washington, and that face on your $10 bills) Hamilton Pig – “Ham” for short – is a piggy bank who symbolizes the importance of giving back.

Gifted to freshmen each year, this handsome hog champions support for The Washington Fund. Through The Washington Fund, alumni and other friends of WC band together to support scholarships and programs on campus.

How It Works!

The Down and Dirty.

The simple truth is that every little bit helps. Through Ham, you can help ensure WC continues to provide an extraordinary education today and for generations to come.

Imagine what’s possible if everyone would give just a few coins for this worthy cause. As Ham would say, it doesn’t take much…

“A little change can make a PIG difference!”