Class of 2013

When President Reiss challenged the Class of 2013 to get 100% of the students to give back to WC, our class summed up a response in just two little words: “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

Make Your Gift Now.

Did you know you can give online?! (neither did we.) It’s super easy and takes just a few minutes.

Make Your Gift In Person.

If you’d rather see us in person, you can stop by our table in Hodson (usually at lunch and dinner hours). Cash or Check, please. We’ve got some sweet 2013 merch for you. And of course it’s always cool to be seen as a philanthropist. Caring is sharing, people.

What Does Our $ Support?

Our class has decided to give to The Washington Fund. We chose this because our money will go right back to where we think it matters most: the students. The Washington Fund does a lot of great things, not the least of which include helping to subsidize tuition (did you know that paying full ride only covers 78% of what it actually costs to educate you?!) and supporting student scholarships. We think our friends are worth it.

The Perks.

You’ll support a great cause! Trust us, it feels good to give.

Others did this for you! Time to pay it forward.

As a thank you, you’ll receive an honor cord! Wear it proudly at Graduation.

Give $100, Join The 1782 Society. Get invited to The Preakness Party at Graduation and get a parking sticker (after graduation) good for one year. (That’s right - sweet parking for Homecoming and Birthday Ball!) Click the link above to learn more.

Did we mention the merch??