Class of 2013

It’s been a magical four years for our class, and we’re already looking forward to the bright futures that await us.

But now that we’re at the end, with just a few weeks left before graduation, it’s time to reflect on all the people that helped us get to where we are.

The fantastic education we have received at Washington College was made possible because of the contributions of people like you. The generosity of others has helped us flourish here.

But the job isn’t over. We still need your help to make sure that continued generations of students here receive that same top-quality education that we were so lucky to get. I’m writing this message to ask you to please consider giving back to Washington College.

Whether you are the parent, guardian or relative of a current student, an alumnus of Washington College, or a current student yourself, your gift will matter

When you make your gift, you can choose to send it to The Washington Fund, where it will be used for a wide variety of crucial tasks that the college needs to keep running. If you’d prefer, you can specify exactly where you’d like your gift to go. You can even give to a particular department, or in honor of a specific professor.

My class is about to be thrown head-long into adult life, and the vast majority of us are still hunting for a job. But the Class of 2013 has already started to give back. Some students will give a lot, some will give a little, but by the end of the year it is our goal to have every student give something back, in appreciation of all the generosity we have benefited from during our time here. I’ve already given $20, and I plan on giving more, depending on what I can afford. I challenge you to top my gift.

Washington College has educated young people for over two centuries. With the continued generosity shown by people like you, we can make sure that that legacy lasts into the future.


Christopher Cronin

President, Class of 2013