We did it! Thanks to all who donated, shared, and spread the word. George would be proud!

The dancing’s done and the balloons are popped, but we’re still flying high over the results of George Washington’s 285th birthday and February’s Giving Day. Together we raised $109,254.85 – a 37 percent increase over last year – and went well beyond former totals for number of donors and number of alumni donors, too. We also increased our alumni participation rate for the academic year by almost 3 percent in one day.

Our results on nearly every goal were so strong, President Sheila Bair dyed her hair black and maroon for the Birthday Ball! 

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and participation in the matching challenges. Many of you gave in addition to your regular giving, or spent much of the day tweeting, sharing and liking posts, helping to drive our numbers to record highs in nearly every area. 


Here are the results:

  2016 2017
Total Raised $69,114.14 $109,254.85
Total Number of Donors 394 584
Total Number of Alumni 276 382

Let’s all hold on to the excitement and spirit of Giving Day. You make all the difference, every day on our campus, and we thank you sincerely.