317 Challenge

On Friday, April 12, the Class of 2013—317 members strong—kicked off their class gift effort. To inspire their charge, we have issued a challenge to WC alumni to a matching race for 317 donors. 

When 317 seniors give and 317 alumni give, a small group of trustees will give a symbolic $31,700!

AlumniAlumni 321   SeniorsSeniors 297

A year as George

About the video

As he prepares to pass the George Washington hat onto his successor, Ryan Bankert ’13 checks in on the 317 challenge.

The Challenge 

The Class of 2012 inserted themselves firmly into the long, storied history of philanthropy at Washington College with their unprecedented, unanimous giving to their Senior Class Gift last year. By their success, they have tacitly challenged the Class of 2013 to also channel their inner George Washington and surpass what may seem to be the pinnacle of achievements. Now the rest of the WC community must demonstrate our confidence in their mission by joining the challenge. Make your gift to support The Washington Fund and have it count toward your own class’ participation in the “Count Me In!” campaign.

Prof. Michele Volansky ’90 lays the smackdown:

About the video

Professor Michele Volansky comes up with a FINE way to make The Washington Fund a part of her class. Her students’ reactions are…well, interesting.

In celebration of May Day:

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Jay Maschas ’01 is determined to make his gift to The Washington Fund, even if it means rethinking his budget. After all, he knows just what to go without. 

The first video of the series:

About the video

Mike Zurawski ’12 reprises the role he made famous as George Washington, only to find himself outmaneuvered at every turn by his successor Ryan Bankert ’13. But old school George still has some tricks up his sleeve… 

Inspired by the friendly rivalry that has emerged between the classes of 2012 and 2013 as this year’s seniors gear up to surpass the previously unprecedented 100% participation in the senior class gift campaign logged by their predecessors.

Watch previous videos starring Mike and Ryan as George.