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Andy Helms

Econ 316


October 23

General-Form Bid-Rent Function

Summary and Class / Homework #8

Bid-Rent Derivation

October 7

Test #1

October 2

Practice Test   |   Answers

September 23 - September 30

Krugman’s “Core-Periphery” model

September 30

  Classwork #5

(Note That This Exact Example is Discussed in the “Complete Summary” Article)

Class / homework #6: Discussed in class on Tuesday, September 30

Homework #7

(Answers : See pp.15-17 of the “Complete Summary” Article)

September 25

 Construction, continued

September 23

 Introduction and Construction

Complete Summary  (article manuscript for a pedagogical journal), written by your very own professor

Discussion of the basic model, excerpted from Krugman’s 1991 book Geography and Trade

Nobel Foundation’s “scientific background” paper (core-periphery model discussed on pp.13-15)

  ~:~   extra blank graphs  :  custom canvases for your creative core-peripheral doodlings!

September 11 - September 18

The “Mine-Market” model of factory location

  ( also discussed, with different notation, in “Transfer-Oriented Firms,” text 7e pp.35-39 )

September 18  

  Quiz #2  |  Answers

September 16 

  Mine-Market Model, continued

homework #4

September 11

Summary and Homework #3

September 9

Intro to “Bid-Rent” Curves :  Delivery services  (A Simple “Shipping” Model)

(Same Principle as “Travel for Info Exchange” Model in Text :  6e pp.104-106  /  7e pp.125-126 ;

“Principle of Median Location” Also Discussed in 7e pp.39-41 ;

“Leftover Principle” Introduced in 6e pp.102-103  /  7e pp.39-41 )

Bid-Rent Derivation for Boardwalk Vendor & Delivery Firms ;  Competitive Bidding

Homework #2

August 28 - September 2

The “Boardwalk” Model :  Hotelling’s Principle of Minimum Differentiation

September 2 

Quiz #1

August 28

Class / Homework #1

Summary of the Basic Model, Excerpted From an Intermediate Micro Textbook

Original Article Published by Hotelling in The Economic Journal (1929)

“Ice Cream Truck War” : A New York Times Article Proves That the Model Isn’t a Theoretical Abstraction!

August 26