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Andrew Oros

Policies for My Courses

General Course Policies (PDF) — These policies are attached to my course syllabi each semester, related to issues of attendance, grading, plagiarism, et cetera. IN ADDITION, please see my requirements for submission of late work and required citation format below.

Required Citation Format — Students who do not follow this style carefully in their graded assignments can expect a penalty of 1/3 grade or more, depending on the degree of non-compliance.

Late Work Submission Policy — If you choose to submit work late, you must submit a paper copy to me, my secretary (Cindy Licata, in Goldstein 224 between 8:30-4:30pm), or have a student submit it to me in person. I will not be responsible for papers slipped under my door or emailed to me. One partial exception is that you may email me a copy of your final work to stop the late penalty (that includes weekends) – but an identical printed copy must also be submitted the next business day. If you choose to submit late work by sliding it under my door or using my mailbox, the late penalty will stop only when/if I physically retrieve the paper and send you an email confirming that I have it.