Andrew Oros

For My Students

Reflections on My Own College Experience

As you ponder your activities and adventures at Washington College, you may be interested in my own college recollections…

— Dr. Andrew L. Oros - August 2009
Class of 1991, University of Southern California

Looking Back: My Most Rewarding College Experiences

1. Learning to express myself clearly and cogently in writing.

2. Intense late-night conversations with friends, several of whom continue to be my best friends today (though we are scattered around the world).

3. Interacting with people (fellow students, faculty, and staff) with backgrounds, outlooks, and goals totally different from my own.

4. Studying abroad… twice—and the related travel that went with it.

5. Mastering a foreign language.

6. The opportunity to experience and master subjects no longer central to my life—classical Japanese grammar, calculus, piano performance, music identification, and poetry interpretation in particular.

And, by contrast, what I expected to happen in college but didn’t…

1. It was not at all easy, in really any way—which was a huge shock halfway through my first semester.

2. I didn’t end up majoring in economics, completing my Army ROTC scholarship, nor joining a fraternity.

3. I don’t remember most of the details I learned in the classroom, nor many specific class lectures or experiences—and by noting this I mean no disrespect to a number of terrific professors with whom I was lucky to study. I remember more the frameworks, approaches, and lessons in writing and speaking.

4. I never did figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up—that came later.