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Andrew Oros

Current Research

General Research interests

Japanese politics and foreign policy; the international politics of the Asia-Pacific; culture and identity in international relations theory; domestic politics/international politics nexus; security studies; U.S. foreign policy.

Current research projects

  • Japan’s evolving security agenda: to what extent is Japan “normalizing”? what are the political dynamics of security policy under the Abe administration? what will be the effect on the US-Japan alliance and Japan’s regional relations?
  • Prospects for and obstacles to China-Japan-US trilateral security cooperation: how do theories of international cooperation apply to the contemporary international and regional order?
  • Other topics I am reading about/interested in include continued movement toward intelligence reform in Japan and the United States, the strengthened foreign policymaking roles of the prime ministers of advanced industrial democracies (such as the U.K, Germany, and Japan), and the evolving security architecture and coordination in East Asia and beyond.