Help By Example

args Reference

<arg id=" ">
pretext => input
header   (Display the header …) => text string  
max  integer (Show up to …) => integer  
paginate  integer (Show more after …) => integer  
group  group  (From the groups …) => single group name  YES
exclude_group  group  (But not from the groups => single group name  YES
tag  tag  (Show items tagged with …) => single tag name  YES
exclude_tag  tag  (But not items tagged with …) => single tag name  YES
tag_mode  tag  (Require that items match …) => (all, any)  
only_starred  select  (Only show starred items?)  => (true, false)  
search    (Show items matching the search term…) => text string  


 filter  (Filter items by the following rules…) => (string, integer, bolean)   YES
filter_mode  select  (Require that items match…) => (all, any)  
sort_order  select  (Sort by…) => string *  
filetype  multiple  (Display files of type…) => select menu items   
columns  integer  (Display results across ? columns) => integer  
format  textarea  (Format results with…) => <tag>{element}</tag><tag>…  
format_starred  textarea  (Format starred results with…) => <tag>{element}</tag><tag>…  
slideshow    (Apply slideshow effect?) => (true, false)  
slideshow_interval    (Slideshow effect interval) => integer [milliseconds]  
slideshow_no_pausing    (Disable slideshow pausing on mouseover?) => (true, false)  
no_results    (If no results, display the message…) => text string  
show_tags  select  (Show tag selector?) => (true, false)  
is_remote  select  (Use cross-site urls for remote usage?) => (true, false)  
class    (Apply custom class…) => text string   YES