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Emergency Guidelines

Personal Safety Tips

Emergency Phones

Know the location of emergency phones throughout campus. To use: push the RED emergency button - phone will automatically dial Public Safety.

WAC Alerts

WAC Alerts is the College’s self-service, web-based, emergency notification system that sends instant alerts to registered users. The College will use WAC Alerts to send emergency communications to the campus community.

All Washington College students, faculty and staff can self-manage their accounts to register or deactivate the service, update phone numbers, email addresses, etc. To sign up, go to the Public Safety webpage ( and click on the WAC Alerts link ( under Quick Links.  This is the link to follow if you need to manage an existing account.

ICE - In Case of Emergency

Program your cell phone with an “In Case of Emergency” contact number and name using the acronym ICE. This will help emergency personnel assist you when you need it most.

Personal Safety

  • Walk in groups or call Public Safety (410-778-7810); do not walk alone after dark
  • Walk in groups or call Public Safety (410-778-7810) for an escort; do not walk alone after dark
  • Keep identification on your person at all times
  • Park and walk in well-lit areas
  • Know the location of emergency call boxes with Blue Lights
  • Stay Alert! Avoid talking on your cell or using electronic devices when walking alone
  • Secure personal property and avoid displaying valuables
  • Alert someone you know and trust if you plan to leave campus or if your daily schedule will be different from the “norm”
  • Report all suspicious activity to Public Safety (410-778-7810)

Residence Hall Safety

  • Lock doors at all times, especially when you go to sleep
  • Report lost keys immediately; do not loan your key card or keys to anyone
  • Secure valuables and medications at all times
  • Know the location of fire alarms and extinguishers, and be familiar with exits and evacuation procedures
  • Escort your guests at all times and do not let strangers into residence halls
  • Report all suspicious activity to your RA or Public Safety (410-778-7810)

If you live off-campus, know your neighbors, leave on outside lights, keep your front and back doors locked and close your curtains.

Web Safety

  • Review the security setting on a website before using that site
  • Avoid posting personal information on any website; do not post social security number, phone number, address, or screen name
  • Secure your laptop and computer when not in use so that other people will not have access to your information
  • Do not add people you do not know to your IM or contact lists
  • Inform Public Safety (410-778-7810) IMMEDIATELY if you receive threatening or suspicious e-mail, or have concerns about suspicious activity on any of your familiar websites