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Emergency Guidelines

Bomb Threat

In the event that a bomb threat is phoned into the college, the caller will most likely not identify him/herself. However, people who call in bomb threats are calling because they want you to know what they are doing, and often, why. Note caller ID information if available.

Should a bomb threat be received, immediately have a co-worker inform Public Safety at extension 7810 while you keep the caller on the line. Use a written note to do this as you stay on the phone.

If you should spot a suspicious object, package, etc., report it to Public Safety and your supervisor but under no circumstances should you touch it, tamper with it, or move it in any way.

Public Safety will be responsible for ordering building evacuation in consultation with the appropriate senior staff member where possible.

When a bomb threat is received, attempt to remain calm and keep the person on the line as long as possible. Ask the caller to repeat the message and try to ascertain as many of the following items as you possibly can.

Questions To Ask

  • When is bomb going to explode?
  • Where is it located? In what building? On what floor? Near what?
  • What does it look like? (If present)
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • What will cause it to explode?
  • Did you place the bomb?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • What is your name? Address?
  • Where are you calling from?

Background Sounds

  • Street/Traffic or Motor Noises
  • Factory Noises
  • Television
  • Animal Noises
  • Air Traffic
  • Office Machinery

Threat Language

  • Formal/Informal Language or Phrases
  • Irrational
  • Taped
  • Read from Script
  • Accent

Voice Characteristics

  • Angry/Excited
  • Young or Old
  • Rapid or Slow
  • Soft or Loud
  • Lisp or Stutter
  • Deep or nasal
  • Distinct or Slurring

Additional Information

  • Exact wording of threat
  • Number at which the call was received
  • Calling number (if available on Caller ID)
  • Time and Date of the call

Remember to remain calm. Keep caller on the phone as long as possible. Get as much information as you can. Be sure a co-worker has notified Public Safety.