Kristin Hodgson

Class of 1991

Kristin is the Correspondent for the swimming program.

Fall 2010 Update

I live in Centreville, DE, just outside Wilmington, with my husband Mark and our 9- year-old son Colin. I work in Philadelphia at the American Association for Cancer Research as Director of Development Operations for their national foundation. We are the scientific partner to Stand Up To Cancer and grant over $30 million to cancer research each year. It is a rewarding job to have in addition to being Colin’s mom.

When I am not working I am spending time with my boys, usually outside on our property as we live on the DE and PA border on a couple of acres. Both my husband and son play lacrosse for the Wilmington Wings, one for the Masters and the other on the regular Wings—I’ll let you guess which. It is fun going to both their games and reminds me of college. The Masters still know how to tailgate after a game in the summer—grills and all! Then we head to the shore in Avalon, NJ for the weekends.