Philosophy and Religion

Rachel Field

Class of 2011
Major/Minor: Environmental Studies / English, Philosophy


Hometown? West Chester

High School? Henderson High School

Favorite Classes at WC? Chaucer-it was a chance to get involved in a subject that I knew very little about and turned out to be engaging and challenging. Birds of the Chesapeake-this was a chance to study birds in depth and has provided me opportunities for internships and potentially graduate school.

Recommended Professors? Professor Olsen- he’s readily available for students to talk with and is a great mentor and professor. Professor Munson- an intelligent and dedicated professor who is also willing to hang around after class for a few laughs with his students.

Most Memorable Experience as a First-Year Student? Freshman year when Professor Hiortdahl took us all out on the Chester River to go fishing!

If I were an Animal? I would be a Chipmunk because I’m a bit spazzy and I have a tendency to save everything.

One Thing You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack? A reliable pillow!


Campus Involvement
  • Major: Environmental Studies
  • Minor: English and Philosophy
  • Concentration: Ornithology