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Modern Languages

Ryan Bankert

Class of 2013
Business Management, Modern Languages / Economics

What’s the advantage of studying business at a Washington College? That’s simple. For me, it’s the sense of community. The business department here acts like a family. You’re not just some student in some class. Before I had even taken a class with Professor Scout, he knew my name, that I was from Lancaster, that I had a strong interest in marketing, and that I had won the Student Comedy Competition. It’s education on a personal level.

As an intern at Benchworks, Inc., Ryan Bankert learned how top-level marketing campaigns are developed.


It is this sense of community that makes studying business as a liberal art so rewarding. The professors know you and want to cultivate your full potential. I remember my first advising meeting with Professor Harvey. “Ryan, come in! So, I know you’re interested in marketing and advertising. Perhaps take a creative writing or poetry class?” Professor Harvey’s suggestion shows that studying business at WC is not just studying business. It’s a program to help each student become a well-rounded leader full of potential.

Finally, this sense of community and the personal touch of the business department encouraged me to get out of the classroom. Benchworks is a local marketing company with a great reputation. Through my internship there, I have worked with some of their largest clients getting real-world marketing experience. I have the opportunity to see every aspect of the marketing process.

This summer, I’m taking my experiences across continental borders. The business department and career development office helped me locate a 12-week marketing internship in Santiago, Chile. Working in a Spanish-speaking country will help me develop a global mindset and will sharpen my language skills for my Hispanic Studies major. After marketing in both the United States and Latin America, I hope to be an employable resource for marketing firms.

Campus Involvement

Q & A

Hometown: Manheim, PA

High School: Manheim Central High School

What is your favorite Maryland, Eastern Shore, or WAC tradition? Shouting “O” during the national anthem (Let’s go O’s!) and boating on the Bay

What is your favorite quote of all time? “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane” - Jimmy Buffett

What is your favorite summer vacation spot? Okay, this answer is a little biased because I’m here this summer… But Chile is amazing.

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