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Harry Gensemer

Class of 2016
English/Creative Writing

    Harry T. Gensemer is the greatest Edward M. Kennedy working in America today.

Putting pen to paper in this tell-all memoir, the lion-hearted patriarch of “America’s answer to Onassis” tells America’s greatest story. Also discussed: the importance of honesty, freedom, and courage when using experimental dark mirror Voodoo to spiritually possess the corpse of Edward M. Kennedy. 

    Edward M. Kennedy came of age with two of the greatest political figures of the 20th century. John F. Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy spent a lot of time together during the JFK’s presidential campaign, and possessing those memories is pretty sweet.

    In as little as 2323 pages, Harry weaves beautiful passages about the death of his(Edward M. Kennedy{Harry T. Gensemer}’s) late brothers, John F. and Robert Kennedy, his (Harry Gensemer’s) first duel with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s phantasm in the otherworld, and why his (Edward M. Kennedy{Harry T. Gensemer}’s) passion for the Affordable Care Act remains the same. 

Alive with the news of the undead’s imminent comeback, New Compass captures Harry T. Gensemer’s inspiring unlife as Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. You’re next.

(source: Amazon.com)

Campus Involvement

State Senator (D) Massachusetts

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee from 1978-81

Known as “the Lion of the Senate”

Harry walks the earth as the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy.