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Evan Leary

Class of 2015
Major: Economics | Minor: Political Science


Third year student returning in Spring 2014 from a year exploring, studying, and working in Europe.

World Trade Centre Dublin:
Summer 2012, International Trade and Marketing Intern
Dublin, Ireland

University of St Andrews:
Spring 2013, Economics and Business Management Student
St. Andrews, Scotland

The London School of Economics and Political Science:
Fall 2013, Associate Student, from Association with the Hansard Scholars Programme
London, England

United Kingdom House of Lords:
Fall 2013, Parliamentary Researcher
Palace of Westminster, London, England

Dissertations completed while abroad:

The United Kingdom’s Pound Sterling and the Euro
January 2013 – June 2013
A thesis examining the rationale behind the United Kingdom remaining on the Pound Sterling and associated implications.

Severely Bullied Children: An Approach to Reducing a Concerning Trend
October 2013 – December 2013
A dissertation examining existing, developing, and potential future legislation throughout Europe intended to address bullying in schools.