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Casey Gallas

Class of 2009
Business Management

Internships help students get experience and make contacts in their chosen profession, often leading to jobs after graduation. Casey Gallas ‘09, however, didn’t wait for his diploma, turning a summer internship with Liquid 5th Productions into a full-time job before graduation.

Liquid 5th is a music production company that works primarily with collegiate a cappella groups. “A lot of other producers have a hegemonic setup—they’re very elite with their clients and they charge a lot more than we do. We wanted to cater to the kids,” Casey explained.

The company, based in Holly Springs, NC, deals with all aspects of music production, from recording, to editing and arranging, to running live sound for shows. It is unique because its mobile recording capabilities allow clients to record anywhere, and because of the collaboration among members of the production team.

“I was a producer and a sound engineer. I can track recordings, manipulate the sound board during recording and line up tracks afterwards,” Casey said.

Armed with his laptop and professional editing and sound software, Casey did most of the work from his dorm room. He also represented the company at festivals and networked via online forums.

A business management major, Casey learned about the musical aspect through years of performance, beginning in high school. He attended Georgia Tech for two years, where he founded a coed a cappella group and performed with a male vocal group that performed close to 65 gigs each semester and enjoyed corporate sponsorship.

Casey performed on Liquid 5th’s own album, Ripple Effect, produced in January 2008. The first single, “February Song,” was nominated for “Best Pop/Rock Cover” by the 2008 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.

Ripple Effect was part of a non-profit movement to create change through the power of the human voice, and proceeds from the first album went to assist well-drilling in Central Africa.

“We’re not technically a performing group,” Casey admitted. “The album was the first of a series that highlighted the studio and our clients while also helping a good cause.”

After graduating, Casey used the experience he gained from Liquid 5th, as well as his musical talent, to land a full-time gig as a member of the vocal band transit. He still maintains close ties with Liquid 5th —founder and CEO Carl Taylor and co-owner Nick Lyons are also members.

transit is one of the nation’s premier up-and-coming vocal bands,” Casey said. “I’m really excited to be part of this group.”