Lauren Marini

Class of 2002
Major/Minor: Biology

After graduating from Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, completing a year-long internship at Washington State University’s veterinary teaching hospital, and completing residency at the Veterinary Neurological Center in Phoenix, Arizona, Lauren Marini ‘02 is a Board-eligible veterinarian with a specialty in neurology at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in Rhode Island.

The former biology major with a minor in psychology is particularly interested in treating animals with seizure disorders such as epilepsy, back injuries and neurological disorders resulting in paraplegia, blindness or deafness.

“General practitioners still exist,” Lauren says, “but a lot of specialists are cropping up as people demand more specialized care for their pets.”

The Veterinary Neurological Center is a referral practice, so most of the caseload is made up of dogs and cats that are paralyzed due to disc hernations or tumors. The practice also treats pets that have seizures or balance disorders. “We do a lot of MRI and CT scans of the animals as well as spinal taps to help us with the diagnoses,” she says. “Animals with tumors or disc ruptures will then usually have surgery. As a resident, I do consultations and diagnostic workups, and assist with surgeries. By next year, I will be doing all of that on my own, including the surgeries.”

Lauren always knew she wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. As an undergraduate, she worked in veterinary hospitals during her summer breaks, conducted her senior research project on the croaker fish, and spent a summer internship studying the transmission of disease on a goat farm in Massachusetts.

“Professor Verville helped me become the best possible applicant for veterinary school,” Lauren recalls. “She did a lot of the research for me and helped with the application process. It worked. Cornell is the #1 school for veterinary medicine in the country.”