John Littlejohn

Class of 1962
Major/Minor: History

After graduation, I applied for work at the CIA. While the clearance process was underway, I taught seventh grade English in Baltimore and then joined the Agency in early 1963. Later that year, I interrupted my employment to serve on active duty with the Army National Guard. Following my return to the Agency, I had a succession of assignments throughout the organization which led eventually to membership in the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service. I retired in 1996 and began ten years of employment as a contractor for the CIA and Raytheon Co. on several declassification projects.

On the personal side, I married my wife Gail in 1967 and we had one son Brian before she died of breast cancer five years later. Four years later I married Terri; she adopted Brian; and we now have three grandchildren. We moved to Wilmington, North Carolina after I quit work and are very busy as volunteers.

My favorite volunteer service is as a reading tutor in a local elementary school. Over the years I’ve become something of a fitness buff and work out five times a week in an aerobics class. (Yes, I’m the only male in the class.) I also enjoy traveling and especially travel off the beaten track. Trips in that category that have been especially satisfying and thrilling include a rim to rim crossing of the Grand Canyon, backpacking with the Sierra Club in the Dark Canyon Wilderness of Utah, and whitewater rafting in Idaho.

Being under the tutelege of Dr. Nathan Smith was certainly a favorite memory because he helped me grow as a student and a person. Working on the Pegasus with Jeannie Patterson and Ida May Heinz was another great experience and a lot of fun. I also remember a beer party on the river across from Chestertown with plenty of Ray Charles music. Now that was great! I was at Washington College for only two years but I really liked the school. It helped turn me into the person I am.