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Tara Holste

Undergrad Highlights

Areas Of Interest

  • sustainability
  • local foods and agriculture
  • ocean conservation
  • community development
  • stewardship, resourcefulness, and thrift
  • freeganism and green lifestyles
  • student involvement

Career Highlights

Coming up with the title, “George Goes Green,” one day while sitting in the back of the Chemistry Lab looking at a picture of the George statue on the green. Which is, incidentally, green.

Favorite Activities

Cooking, baking vegan cupcakes, sewing, hiking, boating, travel, writing, and drawing.

Favorite Travel Destinations

Germany, Hawaii, Europe. Savannah, GA, where I went to college for three years. Where do I want to go next? New Zealand, Thailand or Australia.

Recommended Reading

  • Ishmael, Daniel Quinn
  • Endgame, Derrik Jensen
  • Sea Change, Sylvia Earle
  • Cradle to Cradle, William McDonnough
  • Gaviotas, Alan Weisman
  • Living My Life, Emma Goldman

Class Year