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Human Resources

New! HR Web & Portal Guide

May 03, 2013
The Office of Human Resources has many websites, accounts and portals to assist employees with a variety of tasks. Navigating these sites and portals can be confusing!

The purpose of the HR Web & Portal Guide is to help employees and visitors determine which portal/site to use for which tasks and how to log-in.

Click here to view the HR Web & Portal Guide


How to use this guide


1. Using column 1, determine what you are trying to access or what task you are trying to accomplish. 


2. Use column 2 to determine the site/portal that will help you accomplish this task.


3. Click the blue link to the site/portal found in column 3. 

    If your browser requests your permission to access this link select “Allow”

    If you experience difficulty accessing the link, copy and paste the link into your browser navigation bar. 


Need help logging in? Use column 4 to determine how to log-in and what username or password to use. With third party sites (i.e. myuhc.com) your username and password are created by you. If you have not accessed these sites before, you will need to register. For assistance on these sites click “I forgot my username/password” or “Help”. 

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