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What Info Do We Share and How Do We Share It?

April 20, 2016
The basics parents need to know about FERPA and WebAdvisor.


Students’ educational records are protected by FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). FERPA prohibits the College from releasing to anyone information from students’ educational records unless the student has given the College written permission to do so.

To waive their FERPA rights and authorize the College to release information from their educational records, students must complete the “Parent/Guardian Information Release Form,” on WebAdvisor under “Information Forms” or complete the paper form from their Summer Advising binder (also available from the Registrar’s Office).

FERPA does allow the College to share students’ directory information, unless the student has restricted it. Directory information is basic information such as name, hometown, dates of attendance, major, athletic team participation, graduation dates, degrees, honors and awards. Instructions for restricting the release of that information are on WebAdvisor on the “Directory Information Declaration” under “Information Forms.”


WebAdvisor is the College’s online portal for students, and parents can access a student’s WebAdvisor account if the student grants parental access. WebAdvisor includes

  • Financial and financial aid information including the student’s current bill (“Web Statement of Account”) and financial aid award letter
  • The student’s academic profile including transcript and grades, a degree completion audit and the student’s class schedule
  • Residence life information

The link for student to use to give their parents access to their WebAdvisor account us under “Miscellaneous Options.”

How are FERPA and WebAdvisor related?

  • A student’s authorization of information release under FERPA does not automatically grant parents and families access to WebAdvisor
  • A student’s granting parents or guardians access to WebAdvisor does not constitute a FERPA release
  • The two are independent – a student can authorize a FERPA release but not give parents WebAdvisor access, give parents WebAdvisor access but not authorize a FERPA release, do neither or do both

We suggest you discuss these options with your student and decide together what access he or she will give you.


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