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Nugent Plays Himself in Weissman Film

April 12, 2013
It’s safe to say that when Washington College men’s basketball coach Rob Nugent told his players to foul Gettysburg senior Cory Weissman last February, he wasn’t doing it for attention.

He did it because Weissman, who had suffered a stroke his freshman year, didn’t have any points in his college career. And Nugent wanted him to earn his first. 

The moment became famous among the Washington College community. It spread throughout the Centennial Conference, made its way onto ESPN’s website, and was broadcast on NPR airwaves as 2011 commencement speaker Frank Deford told the story in his weekly address. Now, it’s going to Hollywood. And Coach Nugent gets to play himself. 

The film, entitled 1,000 to 1: The Cory Weissman Story is directed by Michael Levine and produced by Bruce Gordon and Bob Burris. While Nugent did a few summer theatre productions at the Williamstown Theater Festival in his childhood (believe it or not, he says), it’s been a while since he’s performed.

 “Even though I was playing myself it was still nerve racking,” says Nugent. “The hardest part was ignoring the camera when it was about six feet in front of me.”

But it wasn’t the acting or being on set that Nugent singles out as his favorite experience. 

 “Getting to talk with Cory for the first time since our game was probably the highlight of the weekend,” says Nugent. “I really enjoyed spending time with the cast and crew of the film and the people from Gettysburg College. That made my time there very fulfilling.”

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