Brandon Righi ’07

February 05, 2013
“Good communicators are rare in corporate America, in my experience,” says Brandon Righi, who wrote his senior Honors thesis on the Civil War in Maryland.

Brandon parlayed his History degree into a position as senior analyst for a reputation risk consulting agency in Manhattan’s financial district. His company’s clients are mostly Fortune 500 companies who want help in determining how their corporate reputations help or harm their businesses.


For Brandon, “studying history at Washington College has been central to everything I’ve done since.” His first stop was a graduate program at William and Mary; he then lived and worked several years in Ireland. His current employer sought him out because of his training in history—the company was looking for people experienced at synthesizing large amounts of information into a story, turning various pieces of research into a narrative. In addition, Brandon says, “Studying history helped me develop strong writing and editing skills, which always give you a leg up in the business world.”


While living abroad, Brandon appreciated the grounding in the humanities he acquired here, and doesn’t think that knowledge will diminish any time soon. “For the rest of my life I will value having a discriminating eye for current events, a passion for culture and what goes into it, and a strong understanding of the condition of human society—all things I developed while studying history at WC.”

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