Theatre & Dance


Asylum by Keith Aisner

A Senior Directing Thesis by Hilary Leonard
November 1 & November 2, 2013
8 p.m.• Tawes Theatre, Gibson Center for the Arts
Gary’s drug of choice is an addiction to lucid dreaming. Through careful study he has taught himself to control his dreams, whether this means living out erotic fantasies or talking philosophy with God and Satan. But Gary’s mentally ill mother and other unexpected guests insist on crashing this alternate reality, as his waking and dreaming worlds intertwine. 

Nick Anstett ’16 (Gary)
Shannon Terek ’17 (Angela)
Andrew Huelskoetter ’16 (Davis)
Brian Gicking ’16 (Frank/Salesman)
Kendall Davis ’16 (Woman)
Liza Conover ’16 (Mother)
Maggie Campbell ’17 (God)
Daphne Friedman ’16 (Satan)
Vinnie Rogalski ’16 (Dr. Capote)
Sean Syme ’16 (God’s Voice Actor)  

Artistic Team:
Hilary Leonard ’14 (Director)
Becca Schmidt ’15 (Stage Manager)
Justine Garrin ’15 (Assistant Stage Manager)
David Katz ’16 (Assistant Stage Manager)
Sarah Giordano ’15 (Scenic Designer)
Rodney Everett ’15 (Lighting Designer)
Jeremy Quintin ’14 (Sound Designer)
Alexandra P. Sparco ’14 (Costume Designer)
Photos by Paul W. Gillespie –