Date: 7:30pm - 9:00pm EDT October 6, 2017

CANCELED: Phamaly Theatre Company

Phamaly Theatre Company (pronounced “family”) is an award-winning Colorado-based theatre company that engages audiences in thinking about diversity, inclusion, and disability through the lens of theatre. Comprised entirely of performers with disabilities, Phamaly is known for their groundbreaking reinvention of conventional stories, creating what have become some of the most entertaining and moving experiences available to Denver audiences. As part of their two-day residency at Washington College, 4 members of Phamaly will offer a retrospective of the troupe’s work over the years, including songs, monologues, and skits from our shows like The Wiz, Side Show, Beauty and the Beast, as well as their original programs Vox Phamalia and Cinevox, etc. This event is co-sponsored by the Cater Society of Junior fellows and is FREE.


Phamaly is changing the image of people with disabilities both on and off stage by empowering actors with disabilities to find artistic satisfaction, educates the community about disability, and entertains audiences by presenting high-quality performances that challenge our understanding of the human condition. Phamaly is a model of excellence and inclusion for the theatre community nationwide, opening up theatre to more audiences and performers. Phamaly’s mission is to inspire people to re-envision disability through professional theatre. Their vision is that every individual with a disability has the opportunity to participate in all aspects of high quality performing arts.

Phamaly’s work goes well-beyond the performers with disabilities that you see onstage. It builds professional skills for individuals interested in theatre administration and technical theatre. Also, Phamaly educates other theatre professionals in methods of adapting their venues and programs to include performers and audiences with disabilities. Outside of theatre, Phamaly works with numerous companies and organizations in the community to teach diversity and disability awareness and inclusion.