Theatre & Dance

The Constance Stuart Larrabee Scholarship for the Arts


Program Information

We are pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity for students enrolling in Washington College as first years.

Students who have proven talent in art, music, dance, or theatre, but not necessarily intend to major in the arts (though it would be great if they did!), are encouraged to submit a portfolio of work to compete for the Constance Stuart Larrabee Scholarship.

A total of eight (8) $1,500 awards will be made, including two (2) students each from both theatre and studio art, and four (4) students from music. These scholarships are renewable each year for four years, provided the recipient maintains a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. Recipients are strongly encouraged to participate in campus opportunities related to the visual and performing arts, but do not need to declare a major or minor in the arts in order to keep this scholarship.

Submission Information

The submission deadline for this year is March 9, 2020. 

For consideration in the area of theatre and/or dance, please submit either:
     - an essay that answers the question: “Based on your experience of watching and participating in theatre/dance, how would you describe your theatrical/dance aesthetic at this point in your artistic life?”

     - a portfolio that highlights your interests and skills in design and/or stagecraft.  

Please do not submit scripts or videos.

Submissions may be sent to: Please ensure that any online materials are set for “public” viewing, not simply shared with the email address above.

Full information on The Constance Stuart Larrabee Scholarship for the Arts is available from the Admissions department.