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Independent Playhouse

The Independent Playhouse is founded on the principles of creativity and constructive criticism. Members of the Independent Playhouse will be able to express their creativity by writing a play or having the opportunity to direct a show. Likewise, the Playhouse will be an open learning arts community where students will help other students by giving feedback on the student written plays. The purpose of the Independent Playhouse is to create a space where students have the opportunity to write,perform and direct strictly student written plays using Norman James Theatre. The main objective of the Playhouse is for students of all years and majors to gain experience in the world of theatre whether it is acting, writing or directing.

Writers’ Theatre

The Writers’ Theatre is an offshoot of the Writers’ Union and is for students interested in playwriting, directing, and performance. The Writers’ Theatre has an impressive resume of productions that run each semester.  Spring’s “Murder Mystery Theatre” is always a hit!  


Fakespeare performed Shakespeare in unique ways.

Riverside Players

Riverside Players was a community theatre founded by students from Washington College. They produced 2-4 plays each year including The Fantasticks, Clit Notes, Eleemosynary, The Actor’s Nightmare, I Hate Hamlet, Barefoot in the Park, and Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You.

The Defenestrators

The Defenestrators are the WC general interest improv group.

Shine Yer Head for a Nickel

Shine Yer Head is an experimental improv group that performs and runs workshops.