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Dance Minor

The Dance Minor curriculum is designed to allow students with prior dance experience to refine and explore their interests in the field. A Dance Minor is also available to students who are new to the form but who are interested in the mental and physical benefits that a sustained movement practice like dance can provide. Dance students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills through performance, choreography, and teaching opportunities.
The Dance Minor Program welcomes students from across campus who are interested in incorporating embodied learning within their college experience as a complement to their major fields of study. 


The Department of Theatre and Dance presents an annual concert Dancescape in Decker Theater during the fall semester. Dancescape features original choreography from students, alumni, faculty and guest artists.

Each semester students enrolled in Dance Minor courses participate in an informal presentation of in-class works held in Tawes Theater. Dance Open Showing gives dance students an informal and fun opportunity to experience the transition from the studio classroom to the stage.

Elm Article on DanceScape

Dancescape 2017Dancescape 2017



Interdisciplinary Collaborations:


Working collaboratively with artistic and academic disciplines across campus allows students to forge interdisciplinary connections and deepen their dance knowledge.

Re-Entry: A Multimedia Performance Tribute to Veterans Created and produced in collaboration with The Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience