Theatre & Dance

Academic Requirements

The Dance Minor

The Dance Minor program offered at Washington College is designed to give students dance technique, choreographic, and performance training with particular attention to artistry and proper anatomy and biomechanics. These are facets of dance that are viewed as mutually dependent and interactive. Fundamental to the training of the dancer is the building of the dancer’s body; so the program includes technical training in a variety of dance forms as well as Pilates, yoga, and ta’i chi chu’an and work in improvisation, dance composition, dance history, and repertory.

It is the goal of the program to teach vocabulary of dance movement and knowledge of factors that influence movement by introducing students to kinesthetic awareness so they may acquire the fundamental skills of various techniques and develop creative potential through improvisation, awareness of tempo, meter, accent, and phrasing in movement, spatial concepts, and floor patterns. Students also are exposed to appreciation of dance as an art form by exploring the work of dance artists; viewing dance performances on video/dvd/film, and in live theater; analyzing movement ideas, and composing movement studies based on compositional ideas, musical, or dance forms; understanding musical terminology as it applies to dance; and developing musicality in performance.

The Dance minor requires a combination of courses totaling 24 credits. These credits must include:

  • DAN 203 or 204 (4 credits)
  • DAN 227 or 228 (4 credits)
  • DAN 233 (4 credits)
  • DAN 310 (4 credits)
  • and DAN 313 (4 credits)

For the remaining four credits, students may take any combination of the following classes:



  • DAN 113. Ballet I: Beginning Ballet (4 credits)

  • DAN 203. Dance History I: Cultural Perspectives in Dance (4 credits)

  • DAN 204. Dance History II: Classical And Theatrical Dancing (4 credits)

  • DAN 213. Ballet II: Intermediate Ballet (4 credits)

  • DAN 227. Modern Dance I (4 credits)

  • DAN 228. Modern Dance II  (4 credits)

  • DAN 233. Dance Composition (4 credits)

  • DAN 310. Dance Production & Performance (4 credits)

  • DAN 313. Ballet III: Advanced Ballet (4 credits)

Download the Dance Minor Checklist HERE.
(updated for 19Fall)