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Dance at Washington College

There are many ways for students to get involved in dance at Washington College.The cornerstone of the college’s dance community is the Dance Minor program. Dance Minor students are students who want to continue studying dance while pursuing another field of study during their college career. These students are involved in a close-knit, nurturing, and rigorous program where they can develop their knowledge and skills in the art form. 

Students with excellent academic standing may join Delta Eta Pi National Dance Honors Society and participate in community engagement opportunities on and off campus. Dance Club is one of the largest clubs on campus and Sho’Troupe dancers support athletics and school spirit. The recently formed Shore Steppers focus on creating opportunities for students to experience wellness through African and African-American dance styles and traditions.


 Dancescape 2017


Delta Eta Pi National Dance Honors Society Community Engagement Event Kent County High School Dance Students Spring 2018


Dancescape 2017

Dancing at WC is so rewarding… We are exposed to so many opportunities through the dance program and we have so many chances to dance even outside of the academic program.

- Dance Minor Caitlyn Creasy (2020)


Before I joined the dance minor program I already had an extensive background in dance. The dance minor program has not only helped me strengthen this background but open new doors to parts of the dance world that I was never interested in originally, such as history, teaching dance, and techniques to choreograph your own ideas. Being a part of the dance program has helped me appreciate my ability to dance and also create connections with our history.

– Dance Minor Allison Wilkins (2019)