Student Conference Presentations

Sharing Student Research

Regional conferences, like the Eastern Sociological Society, are an excellent opportunity for students to share their outstanding Senior Capstone research.


Sociology majors Rachel Martinez ’18, Emma Craig ’17, Allie Grillo ’17, and Emili Stopak ’17 (not pictured) participated in the 2017 Eastern Sociological Society annual meeting in Philadelpha, Pa.

Rachel Martinez ’18 presented on gender and leadership research collaboration with Dr. Erin Anderson in a paper session at the ESS annual meeting.


Allie Grillo ’17 with her Senior Capstone Project research poster.


Emma Craig ’17 with her Senior Capstone Project research poster. 


Emili Stopak’s ’17 Senior Capstone Project research poster.


Sarah Kraus ’17 at the Eastern Sociological Society 2016 meeting in Boston, MA.



Christy Littlefield ’15 at the Eastern Sociology Society 2015 meeting in NYC.