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Examining society.

Every day, you interact with the people around you. Sociology is the study of those interactions.

Divisions within society, such as gender, religion, age, and socioeconomic status, affect our everyday life. Social forces including family, neighborhoods, and organizations shape our childhoods and influence our behavior.

Whether you’d like to make an impact on your community through social service, gain more insight for a career in business or industry, or pursue graduate work in sociology, anthropology, education, law, social work, criminology, or administration of justice, the study of sociology will give you the tools to better understand your world.

“This major taught me how to do extensive research and apply it to real world situations.  It also taught me how to remove my own bias from my surroundings.”
- Nicholas O’Meally, ’16
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What are you up to now? Alums, please share your story!
  • Kaitlynn Ecker ’18 and Rachel Martinez ’18 reflect on their visit to the U.S. Senate. As part of the Gender and Leadership class, taught by Professors Michael Harvey and Erin Anderson, students traveled to the Capitol to meet Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski and her staff and see the Senate in action.
  • During an internship at Sheppard Pratt, Keita Christophe ’17 saw firsthand the challenges faced by people battling both drug addiction and mental health issues.

  • Professor Erin Anderson and her colleague Professor Catherine Richards Solomon (Quinnipiac University) recently published a new volume explores issues related to implementing family-friendly policies in institutions of higher education.



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