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Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Our program fosters the learning of theory through “hands-on” experience.


Laboratory exercises enrich your understanding of neuroscience, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, statistics, biological psychology, learning, cognition, sensory mechanisms, comparative psychology, psychophysiological investigation, tests and measurements, behavior modification, and experimental social psychology.


Every senior at Washington College completes a Senior Capstone Experience project. This takes the form of an original research investigation carried out under the supervision of a faculty member.


Our Video

  • Psychology major Anna Gjertsen ’18 is specializing in behavioral neuroscience. 
    In the Department of Psychology, Anna Gjertsen ’18 and professor Lauren Littlefield spent the summer studying the effects of mild traumatic brain injuries. Among them: difficulty discerning emotions in facial expressions.
  • Funded through the John S. Toll Fellows program, a select group of students is conducting collaborative scientific research with their faculty mentors this summer.
  • From sea shanties and Neil Young to Batá drumming, Jordana Qi ’18 is following a musical path of her own composition. The journey of a young woman with epilepsy includes an internship at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage and an upcoming gig with a troupe of actors with disabilities in Colorado.