Premedical Committee

The Premedical Committee assists students with pre-​professional planning and applications to the health professions schools that grant degrees in allopathic medicine (MD), osteopathic medicine (DO), dentistry (DDS, DMD), veterinary medicine (DVM), podiatry (DPM), and optometry (OD). Premedicine is not a major. Although many premedical students major in one of the Natural Sciences, any major offered by the College may be pursued. 

Premedical students should consult members of the Premedical Committee early in their academic careers and notify the Premedical Committee Chair of their interest in considering a career in medicine. Premedical Committee members include Professors Kathleen Verville (Committee Chair; Biology), Anne Marteel-Parrish (Chemistry), Colin Campbell (Physics), George Spilich (Psychology), and Matthew McCabe (Philosophy), and Director of the Pre-health Professions Program, Jodi Olson. 

Students seeking a Committee Letter from the Washington College Premedical Committee, which is required/recommended by the majority of medical schools, must be aware of the need to complete a file with the Premedical Committee, the file requirements and file completion deadline (the last business day in February of the Junior year for students who plan to attend a health professions school in the academic year following graduation from Washington College), and the procedures for obtaining a Committee Letter. This information is provided and discussed at premed meetings.