Political Science

Senior Capstone

Each senior at Washington College is required to complete a senior capstone experience (SCE) on a specific topic selected by the student in the fall semester of the senior year in consultation with a member of the Political Science Department.

Majors will write a thesis, which should be a minimum of 30 pages, and will present that research during our annual spring Senior Symposium in the form of a poster session. The SCE will be graded, with 90 percent of the grade derived from the written component of the thesis and 10 percent of the grade derived from the poster presentation.

In completing this project, students gain a sense of mastery of an important issue and a sense of confidence in their ability to manage the tasks they will face in further education and professional employment.

Download the 2017-2018 SCE Memo
Download Thesis Grading Rubric
Download Thesis Poster Session Grading Rubric
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