Political Science

Model UN and Diplomacy

Washington College boasts an award-winning Model UN delegation. This signature program has sent students to national and global conferences for over two decades.

The Model UN class offers students a unique opportunity to learn about international relations while role–playing as United Nations delegates. Model UN provides an academic learning experience through the simulation of the structures, processes, and issues of the member nations of the United Nations. The class is open to all students regardless of major and first year students are encouraged to participate.

Course Objectives

The Model UN course is designed to acquaint students with the operations of the United Nations through the study of political positions of member nations. Additionally, students should achieve a level of understanding in the use of simulation activities as a means for teaching and learning about the political perspectives of different nationalities on contemporary world issues. Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Articulate the foreign policy of the selected country
  2. Define the structures and general procedures of the United Nations
  3. Describe important historical issues affecting the UN and evaluate the organization’s effectiveness
  4. Analyze an issue currently before the United Nations from the selected member nation’s perspective
  5. Understand and competently use the rules of procedure, diplomatic protocol, and negotiating techniques common to UN delegates
  6. Explain the rationale, format, and instructional methods of the Model United Nations simulation.


  • Security Council Simulation at Yale University (SCSY)
    Students who excel in simulations during the Fall Semester course, Model Diplomacy, will be selected to participate in this program in New Haven, Connecticut. Students will be selected for this conference in September.
  • McGill University Model United Nations (McMUN) — Occurs in the Spring in Montreal
  • Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) (Spring, alternating years)
    In the spring semester, students engage in the Model UN program and compete to participate in the Harvard World Model UN abroad. Participants are selected in November.
Past Conferences Where WAC Has Participated

1993 Prague, Czech Republic
 1995 Geneva, Switzerland
 1996 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 1997 Budapest, Hungary
 2002 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
 2004 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
 2009 The Hague, The Netherlands
 2010 Taipei, Taiwan

Recent Student Awards

  • Shana Brouder - Book Award at McGill 2013 ; Honorable Mention Yale SCSY 2015
  • Ashely Carol-Fingerhut - Outstanding Delegate Yale SCSY 2014
  • Eli Banghart - Outstanding Delegate Yale SCSY 2014
  • Dan Hudson and Eli Banghart - Honorable Mention Yale SCSY 2010

Student Testimonials

“Model UN has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career and of my life. Through WAC’s Model UN program, I have been able to see cities such as Brussels, Seoul, and Rome and have met some of the most intelligent, inspiring, and incredible people from all around the world. What makes WAC’s delegation stand out is our commitment to learning and personal development, but also our ability to have fun and explore. Even if it’s simply traveling to New Haven, CT, we always manage to have a good time and make life long connections with other students who will be truly successful in their future careers… I feel this really embodies the essence of our Model UN program at WAC - we have a willingness to be silly and throw ourselves completely into our roles for however much time is required, all while bonding and having fun with each other and the other students we meet along the way.” Shana Brouder, ’16

“Model UN has been a big part of my Washington College experience. Through the MUN program, I made some of my closest friends at Washington College and gained strong connections with professors. I learned a great deal about multiple subjects from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the inner workings of the International Monetary Fund. Lastly, I have been able to gain a network of people across the world through participating in the Harvard World MUN Conference in Seoul, South Korea. I don’t know where I would be without MUN.” Ethan Trucker, ’18