Political Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study abroad during my senior year?


Are there funds available to support experiential learning?

Some. Each spring the Goldstein Program solicits applications for Experiential Learning Grants to help offset the costs associated with experiential learning. The selection process is competitive.

How do I get course credit for an internship?

Majors wishing to receive course credit for an internship must seek approval from the Department before the internship begins.  Students must work with a member of the departmental faculty to develop a set of assignments and expectations to receive course credit.

Can I still get credit towards the major’s experiential learning requirement even if I don’t seek course credit?


When do I select my thesis topic?

Students will write their thesis proposal during the fall semester of their senior year. That said, the Department encourages students to give serious thought to topic selection during their junior year.

How are thesis advisors assigned?

Thesis advisors are assigned according to topic and by area of expertise. All topics must be approved by the potential advisor.